We have previously discussed what you should be putting on your resume, but we thought it was also important to discuss some things you might be adding that are unnecessary. We understand that in some cases, you feel you need to bulk up your resume, but sometimes simple and sweet is the key. Adding unnecessary information can be mistaken as unprofessional and may deter the employer from considering you for their open position, so you’ll want to be diligent in making sure these things are not on your resume.


We are not talking about your retail or restaurant jobs which were transitional into your career. We are talking about the under-the-table side jobs like babysitting, dog walking, etc. Though you may be an extremely sufficient dog walker, your prospective employer will not consider this an attribute. Try to keep side jobs to a minimum on your resume and really determine what jobs offer a skill set that could be beneficial in your career.


Remember that this is a resume, not a dating profile. If you feel you must add hobbies to your resume, keep them professional. Your prospective employer will not be impressed with your enjoyment of video games or fishing. Though it serves as a point that could be relatable, it has no place on your resume. Keep your hobbies tasteful and try to only include those that may offer a contribution to your characters, such as a sport you have played, or a volunteer organization you might be a part of.


Yes, you read that right. You do not need to include your reference list on your resume. Ideally, your resume should be 1 page, 2 MAXIMUM, so don’t waste precious real estate on a reference list. The employer will ask for your list of references when it is necessary at which time it is appropriate to provide them. You do not look any more prepared by plastering them on the bottom of your resume as I can almost guarantee the employer does not even look at them. Why include information that is simply skipped over?


Yes, we know it sounds odd, but we have seen it, so we have to say it. You DO NOT need to include the street address, phone number, or website URL of your past and current employers on your resume. Simply your title, the company name, and your dates of employment, along with a list of job responsibilities are plenty sufficient. Anything more is unnecessary.


When adding a list of skills, which should certainly be included on your resume, try to refrain from adding soft skills such as “motivated” or “hard worker.” To be honest, everyone puts this on their resume and the ultimate goal of your resume should not be to blend in it should be to stand out from your competition. You should gear your skillset to things that may be unique to you such as computer programs and software that could directly relate to your desired employment. Skills such as Microsoft Excel, or PowerPoint may also be useful as not everyone is experienced in these. Keep our skills direct and strong.

Your resume is your first impression to an employer, your billboard, it should put your best foot forward. It may seem obvious but be extremely diligent when proofreading your resume. If you are creating your resume in a Microsoft Word document, it will spell check for you so there is really no excuse. You could have all of the qualifications in the world, but if your resume is slathered with spelling and grammatical errors you will almost certainly not get the job. Remember, you’re not texting your friends, you’re applying for a job. Keep it professional.

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