Applying to jobs but feeling overwhelmed by the requirements and qualifications within the job posting? Look at your resume and see how you marketed yourself. Besides adding the standard contact information, students may be lost on what’s next? You may not have much experience but organizing it with certain information will help you stand out when starting your job search despite your lack of work experience.


Putting your information regarding your education is very important. If you have little to no work experience, your education is one of the first things to fall back on and showcase. You have been working hard towards a college degree, may sure to highlight this achievement.

Also including your minors, and relevant coursework is another great idea to help boost this section of your resume. If you find a job that pertains more towards your minor, that is okay! Just make sure you have all information that would help to correlate to the job posting to your resume.

One other piece of information to include is any scholarships, accolades, and academic success that you have achieved. This gives the employer more information to remember you by especially because you have achieved these accomplishments.


Creating a skills section that are related to the job shows employers how your abilities can contribute to their company within that specific position. Although you may have a lack of experience, individual skills are what sets candidates apart from one another. When presenting your skills, make sure to include both your soft skills and hard skills.


If you have completed an internship that should be listed on your resume. It does not matter if it was paid or unpaid what matters is the relevant experience that you gained upon completion.

Extracurricular Activities

Make sure to add any clubs you belong to as well as any sports that you participate in. Clubs allow you to express what your particular role was within that organization while sports teach you the importance of teamwork. Whether you are in a club or a sport, they can both teach you different qualities such as leadership, time management, and organization.

Volunteer Work

Involvement within any charities or volunteer work also demonstrates your interests as an individual as well as adding a personalized touch. Not everyone gets involved on a volunteer basis or with charities so listing it on your resume may align with that company you are applying for.