The first day of any new job can be nerve-wracking, stressful, exciting, and intimidating all at the same time. This is even more so true when the first day on the job is remote. Sure, working remote can be great and tons of people prefer it, but the matter of the fact is it just isn’t the same. Since you won’t be in the office interacting with colleagues in the same way you typically would, you’re probably going to have to compensate by being a little bit more proactive. Keep reading to find out how to be successful when starting a new job from your home!

Remember: Even Though You’re Working Alone, You Aren’t Alone!

Since you’re in a remote position, chances are most of the onboarding and training will be way less hands-on than usual and way more self-guided. In order to combat this, reach out for help! While you may not be walking around an office interacting with people face to face, there is still a whole team of employees.

The first step to starting your new remote position should be introducing yourself to your manager and colleagues whether it be by asking to set up a brief video call or shooting out an email introducing yourself. This will set things off on the right foot and will allow you to meet and chat with people who can help you adjust. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re new or unsure of something, working remotely is a whole different world and it’s OK to ask questions!

Master Any Technology and Tools.

Technology can be tricky to catch on to even in an office, so take some time to familiarize yourself with any websites, programs, networks, or other technical tools you might be using for your new position. Make sure you’ve covered everything on your onboarding/training documents and take your time with it. You can even find tutorials online and play around with any platforms you might need to use for work!

Making sure you are confident and understanding of the tools you need to complete your job from home will make things way less stressful when you actually get into the nitty-gritty work part.

Set a Strict Schedule for Yourself.

Working remotely typically means way more flexibility. While this is a nice perk, it can be easy to take advantage of or become sidetracked. This is especially true if you’re working remotely for the first time, so time blocking your day will ensure you stay focused.

Start your day with the normal, non-work-related tasks and give yourself some time to ”settle in” to your workspace just as if you were commuting. Set aside your lunch break ahead of time too, so you don’t forget about it or linger too much. Additionally, make sure you get away from your workspace so it actually feels like a break. You could even go for a quick run or walk if you have time! Just make sure your break is structured so you don’t end up having to work overtime.

Holding yourself responsible and establishing a strict schedule that you stick to each day will ensure your productivity at home, just as if you were in an office.

Figure Out the Best Means of Communication.

Everyone has their preferences. As you get comfortable in your new role and meet your colleagues, find out how they prefer to communicate. Some people might like emails while others prefer a phone call or a scheduled video call. Your company might even have other platforms that they use such as Slack, Microsoft teams, LinkedIn, and more. Knowing the most effective means of communication will make everyone’s lives working from home easier.


Starting a new job in today’s world can be even more complicated than it used to be. If you’ve yet to experience working from home or are struggling to adjust to your new remote position, utilize these tips to make the transition easier. And remember, there is never any harm in asking for help. You are not alone!