Now that we’ve shared a list of in-office team building activities to try, here are 10 out of office team building activities for you and your team to do together in 2020! Bonding in the office is one thing, bonding outside of the office – builds that next level of your work relationships!

Sign Up for Trivia

Trivia is an easy activity to attend. All you need to do is locate where the trivia is being held, find a good time/date that works, and go! Trivia promotes teamwork and friendly competition, and can be extremely entertaining!

Sign Up for an Escape-Room

Escape rooms promote a similar level of teamwork as trivia does. You must come together to solve something as a team – with a series of clues, problem-solving and teamwork. However, escape rooms are more intimate. But accomplishing this task together as a team against the clock can be extremely motivating!

Happy Hour

Happy hour, the classic team outing event. Why? Because you can loosen up, decompress, socialize, get to know one another, all in a low-pressure environment. And the best part is- it’s not a “set commitment”, so you can stay as long or leave as early as you please. This can be done following the workday – so people don’t have to go out of their way which makes it easier to attend.

Attend a Comedy Show

Laughing is one of the best ingredients for relationship building. This is why going to a comedy show as a team is a great activity outside of the office. Find a comedy show near you, get a table as a team and enjoy the laughs, jokes, and comradery! You may even be able to attend a show with some famous comedians you know!

Go to an Arcade

The goal of an arcade/game-based gathering is to bring out the playfulness in everyone. You can get as competitive or as “child-like” as you want, playing games that involve strategy, or games with no strategy at all – and just enjoy yourselves! This is another underrated, yet fun activity that takes the pressure off the typical team building activities.

Complete a Ropes Course

A ropes course is a more challenging, adventurous activity. If you’re looking for a more “typical” team-building activity, a ropes course is it. Team members learn how to overcome fears together, build trust, improve their listening skills – and accomplish the course together!

Team Luncheon

Take your team out to lunch during work hours – and mark it as a business expense! Bonding over food is always an effective way to further build relationships and get to know one another. Not only are going to lunch outings a simple way to bond, but it shows a level of appreciation for your team.

Bowling or Rock’n Bowl

Bowling is another underrated outing. You don’t have to be experienced, you can team up, create challenges, see who gets the highest score, and enjoy a night/day out! Plus it is super cheap to play a few games – win, win!

Community Service

This is a different type of team bonding activity from the previous activities listed. Community service allows people to give back, and be a part of something bigger – with a purpose. Find out what your team enjoys and sign up for some community service! It can be participating in a soup drive, a car wash, helping the elderly, children, etc. Doing so will bring your team together knowing they are doing something good collectively. Here is a list to get started!


What’s the first out of office team building activity you’re going to try with your team?