There are countless reasons why you may want to find a mentor. Whether you just graduated, completing an internship, or a CEO of a company there is always an opportunity to learn, develop, and gain new perspectives to help you grow as an individual and within the workplace. Finding a mentor will help positively boost all that.

Create Goal Setting

Whether you want to improve your goals within a certain time frame or career wise, a mentor can help your goals become accomplished. SMART goals are the most common but developing these into a realistic approach can be tricky. Your mentor has been in your industry for years now and can easily judge how achievable your SMART goal is or correct it and help you realize that you may be a bit ambitious!

Another option is setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. These may not be as specific as a SMART goal but are a great way to help you stay on track and produce the results you desire. A lot of mentors like this style because you can see your results each day and then look back and see what you achieved and what you did not.

Whether your mentor uses the SMART goal approach or the daily, weekly, monthly goal approach, each of these require you to reflect on your results. Sometimes you may not have hit the mark – and that is ok! Mentors provide you with critique and guidance.

Develop a Stronger Skill Set

There are so many skills you can learn when you are working day to day. Shadowing your mentor helps you improve your skill set especially in communication and leadership. Make sure to take notes or pick up on certain ques for you learn from.

Give Advice to You

Having a difficult time? Given their experiences and expertise, they can explain concepts, ideas, and questions you may have. Whether it is a difficult topic to bring up or something simple, one of the best benefits of having a mentor is getting their advice for you to use because they have most likely gone through it. Your mentor always will have your best interests in mind!

Build Professional Relationships

Continuing to network always helps with building relationships and potentially creating an opportunity in the future. Your mentor may know countless people within your industry that eventually you can connect with for future possibilities.

Always Learning

You are always receiving guidance from them, so you never stop learning. How you choose to utilize your mentor can really make the difference. Build a connection with them so you feel comfortable asking any type of questions or receiving hard feedback. Opening up to them can also bring a sense of calmness into your professional career as well as a friendship.