Ahhh, the dreaded weight loss conversation. The, “I need to lose 10 pounds and I’ll look so much better.” conversation. Everyone has heard it and/or said it, but not everyone does it. Why? We are all aware that exercise keeps you healthy whether that be running, biking, or maybe, swimming; there are so many ways to burn those calories off. Exercising for just 30 minutes a few times a week can positively catapult many aspects of your life.

Regularly Exercising Leads to Increased Work Performance and Productivity

There are studies shown proving exercise reduces stress because your body releases endorphins. These endorphins are also called the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. Having this rush of endorphins allows your mood to receive a positive boost to keep you more alert throughout the day.

Your body can reduce stress and fatigue as well. Chronic stress is popular amongst workers however, exercising reduces this in a natural way rather than taking medication. When you exercise, you are tending to your personal fitness goals to achieve as well as taking care of your body and brain. You are increasing individual’s ability to be motivated, think clearer/ sharper and wanting to learn thus, leading to better work performance and productivity.

A more specific study tested two groups, both groups returned to work however, one group exercised while the other did not. Results support superior cognitive performance in those who exercised.

Increased Energy

Pushing your body to the limit while you exercise gives you more energy after you finish. Sounds crazy right? Even though you may be tired after you initially end, later you feel the aftermath of your workout because your body is releasing more energy. This boost allows you to have better focus at work or even avoiding that afternoon slump as you try and wrap up your day.

More Self Confidence Leads to A Happier Life

When you start shedding the pounds, you begin to love your new self-image. As you should, you worked hard for it! With your body transforming into the way you always wanted to see it, you realize you begin to have more confidence, energy, sleep and even a happier lifestyle.

As an employee, if you are happy while at work it is proven that you will take less days off or call out. There are a few reasons to be satisfied at your job, some include, job security, busy work schedule, great company culture, and finally, exercising. On top of receiving all the other benefits of working out that we mentioned earlier, now you realize you may enjoy what you do for a living.

Creation of Wellness Programs

Some companies have created and implemented wellness programs. Although the major goal of the programs is to ultimately lose weight, there are different approaches to target different ways for you to drop pounds or become healthier without even realizing it.

One approach was the implementation of eating different types of snacks by having multiple suggestions on certain days. It’s easy to eat a bag of chips but instead when employees were given options such as carrots, or strawberries, they were more opted to engage in this approach. People like choice and this idea offers that.

Another approach is to create challenges. Sharing activity rates on smart watches, drinking a certain amount of water during the workday, not having coffee certain times are just a couple ideas that promote a friendly competition amongst the staff. One company applied their approaches they thought of and would then allow prizes to be received at the end of each month. Ultimately the more consistent you are, the more results you will see in your fitness journey and lifestyle!