Millions of unemployment applications have been filed since mid-March due to the growing pandemic. With no end in sight, state governors are creating and implementing plans to fight COVID-19. Plus restrictions in your state has left everyone trying to figure out what is next and how to adapt to the current times.


Preventing The Spread

The overall business should take necessary precautions to prevent or slow positive cases. First employers and employees must understand how Covid-19 spreads. Knowing the area, you are in (state and local) and following the trends such as, positive and/or recovery cases is essential. If you are lucky enough to be in a lower impacted area, your business may opt to take a different approach such as looser guidelines for face masks, or having full staff return to the office. However, if you are in a higher infected area of the country, knowing how your business needs to adjust is very important to keep you as safe as possible.


Returning To The Workplace

Finally, you get notified to return to work! You may wonder, how different the work environment is going to be due to COVID-19. Here are some tips to be prepared to the new normal.

You may have a bunch of thoughts circulating in your head about the overall process of returning or how the business must operate. Write down questions you have. Some examples are face masks, sanitation procedures, mandatory testing, traveling restrictions, dress code, etc. Depending on employer size and industry, some are stricter than others. Getting the answers to your questions will help you feel safe and confident when returning to work.


The New Normal Inside The Workplace

After working remote for months or operating at a very small capacity, you can now experience some sort of normal. You may need to wear a mask all day or even sanitize everything you touch instantly however, recognizing your new etiquette is important. Your employer created documents or further educated themselves to conform to the COVID-19 rules given by the state you live in. Make sure you show your employer the respect by following them!

There may be signs, 6ft marker lines and personal protective equipment (PPE) all over the office now. Realizing how to operate within your workplace with these restrictions may take time. Limited size of meetings or non-essential travel may also be implemented.

Some companies have opted to do full in-person return or a rotating schedule return option. Whenever you are working in the office, be mindful about where you have been in order to not produce any symptoms or put everyone else at risk.


Key Takeaways

Now that you are excited about returning to work, remember a few pointers. First, contact your employer to ask about new measures that the company or you must adhere to. Second, follow COVID-19 protocols outside of work in order to return! This is important because you do not want to put yourself or others at risk of the virus and quarantine when you could have been working. Lastly, understand that you are entering unknown territory. Try and be as adaptive as you can to the circumstances. Changes may occur as often as day by day from your employer.