Change in the workplace is inevitable. It can also be a sign of growth, adaptation, and relevance – which proves change can be positive whether we recognize it immediately or not. If you’re dealing with change at work, or have a tough time dealing with it, here are some tips to help you.

Give Yourself Time to Adapt

When changes first occur it can be easy to feel resistant and avoidant. However, give yourself a grace period to grasp, understand and implement whatever adjustments are being made. Allow yourself time to adapt before developing an opinion.

Seek Out the Positives

With technology consistently making our lives more convenient, efficient and fast-paced, doing things “the way they were always done” can hold you back. Change is good for your company and even your role. Staying relevant in an ever-changing world is crucial to your success.


Oftentimes when change happens, one of the best things you can do from a manager’s point of view is to listen. Employees will express their concerns, questions, and hesitations if you give them the opportunity which will provide insight on what to focus on and what to address.

Create A Plan

Create a plan and set some goals. Doing so will help you find the positives, be proactive, and have something to work towards. You’ll end up channeling your energy and thoughts into reaching a new goal rather than feeling overwhelmed by the change.

Manage Your Stress

When you can’t control the things that are changing, try to implement behaviors or tasks that reduce your stress. For example, listen to some music, take a break, consume online humor or take a mental health day. If it’s a new system that is being implemented, take the material home and study it if need be. But managing your stress in an ever-changing environment will prevent it from accumulating. You’ll find that taking a much-needed break may help better deal with the changes that are occurring.