Whether you are starting your first job after graduation, or you’ve had a long career history and are looking for something new – you can always benefit from some advice on what to do and not do on your first day of work. Check it out!

Starting a New Job? Tips for Nailing Your First Day of Work

First impressions are important, but you don’t want to forget to be yourself. Here are some tips to crush your first day at a new job – such as planning your commute, asking questions, and being prepared to do anything. Find out here.

First Day of Work Success Checklist

What more of a helpful resource for starting a new job, than a checklist? “A single guide that includes everything you need to do and prepare for so you can focus on performing at your best and giving it your all at your new job from day one.” Check it out!

10 Ways to Avoid the First Day Jitters

Worried about being nervous on your first day? No problem – so is everyone else and it’s completely normal. Here are a few things you can implement to help you. Number 4 and 9 are our favorites.

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Day in a New Job

Sometimes we learn better by knowing what not to do in situations. Here are some mistakes to avoid when starting a new job. Such as pretending to know it all, being sensitive about technology, or watching the clock.

5 Major Don’ts for Your First Day of Work

Have you started a new job and done things you wish you didn’t? Or looked back on your first day and realized that you did something that you see another newbie doing? Here are five more “major don’ts” to avoid.

10 Things You Should Never Do When Starting A New Job

As if you haven’t had enough advice on what not to do when you’re starting a new job, here are yet 10 additional things you should stray away from. Such as not expecting handholding, asking other co-workers to do your work for you, or trying to change things. Find out here.