Starting a new job can be exciting and overwhelming. You want to make sure you’re prepared and have everything you’ll need to ensure a smooth transition into your first day. Here are some items that you should have with you when you start.

Personal Information/Identification

Filling out paperwork is a first day (or first week) norm. So be sure to have all your personal information on hand. This includes your social security and tax information, your driver’s license or personal identification, your banking account and routing number, as well as any other pertinent personal information that may be needed.

Notepad and Pen

Pen and paper will probably be supplied on your first day, but just in case you start training immediately upon your arrival – you’ll be able to start taking notes right away. Plus, it shows you’re prepared and care to be prepared.


These are not necessities, but having water, gum, and/or mints with you on your first day can be helpful. Maybe you want a mint after your lunch, or you can’t find time to grab a water – you’ll be glad you brought them with you.

Toiletries/Tissues, etc

Some toiletries to consider having on your first day are a handheld mirror, deodorant, tissues, hair ties or feminine products (if you’re a woman and these apply to you). Bringing these with you on your first day of work is again, not a necessity, but it’s better to have these items with you than to wish you did.

Pack a Lunch

You never know how your first day is going to go, how busy you’ll be, or the nearest place that you can pick up lunch – so it’s best to pack one with you. In doing so, you can be flexible on where you eat and when, if you want to join other coworkers on lunch, or even pick at your packed snacks throughout the day. Being prepared will save you time, stress and even money.


However, for another “just in case” moment, maybe your manager, coworker or boss orders lunch, and you want to join – having cash on hand will give you the opportunity to do so without having to worry about paying anyone back on the first day.


Bring some sort of bag to keep your items in. Whether it’s a purse, a briefcase, a knapsack, etc. This will help keep you organized, give you a central location to keep all your items and allow you to bring more with you on your first day when you have a place to keep everything.