Preparing for a job interview can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is always a good idea to prepare some potential questions and answers beforehand. If you are already employed at a different company, the interviewer will likely ask “Why are you looking for a new job?”. 

Why Do Employers Ask This?  

Employers typically ask this question to see if there is a specific reason you left or are leaving your current position. This includes making sure no trouble was caused at that last place of work and to better understand your goals! Employers want to hire a good, long-term fit and your answer to this question helps them gain some insight.  

The question can also be phrased in a few different ways such as “why are you interested in new job opportunities?” Or “why are you looking for a job change?”. As the candidate, your goal is to answer the question in a way that opens the door to why you would be a great fit for the role. There’s no “correct” answer, but you should have a positive response prepared!  

Ways to Answer the Question:  

Review these example answers and tailor them to your profession and goals! 

  1. I found myself bored with work and looking for more challenges. I’m an excellent employee and I didn’t want my unhappiness to have an impact on the job I was doing for my employer. 
  2. I’m looking for a bigger challenge and to grow my career, and I didn’t feel like I could give equal attention both to my job search and to my full-time work responsibilities. It didn’t seem ethical to slack off from my former job to conduct my job search, and so I left the company. 
  3. I was laid off from my last position when our department was eliminated due to corporate restructuring. 
  4. I’m relocating to this area due to family circumstances and I left my previous position to make the move. 

All of these are both realistic and valid answers to the question. While there may be other reasons you are job searching too, always be sure to prepare a response in advance, be honest, avoid negativity and rehearse!