We’ve already discussed that interviews are a two-way street. The interviewer is NOT the only one who should ask questions as you need to ensure that the company is a good fit for you as well. A huge part in determining whether or not to pursue or accept a job offer is the growth potential! As a professional, you deserve to be invested in. Your skills, time, and work ethic are of value. And you want to make sure that the company recognizes that.

There are three types of growth opportunities that should be considered when interviewing for a position. Financial growth, professional growth, and personal growth are all equally as important. Being familiar with these types of growth will help you to prepare questions regarding opportunities within a company.

Financial Growth:

What it is: Exclusive opportunities to increase your earnings or enhance your financial profile

Examples of Financial Growth: Salary increase and/or bonus, stock options, and 401k employer matching

Professional Growth:

What it is: Any “perks” that are designed to advance your career, help you develop new skills, or expand your professional network.

Examples of Professional Growth: Job promotion/advancement, professional memberships, in-person or remote conferences, continuing education, skills-based training, and mentorship

Personal Growth:

What it is: Opportunities for you to develop yourself outside work and foster work-life balance

Examples of Personal Growth: Remote or flexible work, paid voluntary time off (VTO), bring your baby to work day, bring your dog to work day, and childcare options

How to ask about these opportunities:

Certain companies may be open to offering growth opportunities than others. For example, larger companies with relatively big budgets almost always offer financial growth whereas it may be harder for a small business. Either way, it is important to find out what exactly the chances and opportunities for different types of growth are.

There are different ways to phrase the question to interviewers, especially depending on what type of growth you are inquiring about. Here are some ways to ask about the different types of opportunities for growth within a company:

1. “What opportunities and routes for career development and skill development are provided at the company?” (Inquires about professional growth)

2. “Does your company provide tuition reimbursement or opportunities to take classes and credits outside of work?” (Inquires about financial and/or professional growth)

3. “How would you compensate an employee who went above and beyond?” (Inquires about financial growth)

4. “How often do senior roles become available for consideration?” (Inquires about professional growth)

5. “What is the work/life balance model at your company?” (Inquires about personal growth)

6. “Is it possible to work remotely throughout the week?” (Inquires about personal growth)

7. “How do your company values play a part in compensating and promoting employees?” (Inquires about financial and/or professional growth)

8. “How do you encourage good employees to grow in this position?” (Inquires about growth in general)

To get an idea of what the company has to offer before the interview, you can check out the perks and benefits that are included in the job description. They may not all be listed, but typically the most important ones are. Additionally, looking at employer reviews for the company can be a huge help. Sites like Glassdoor and The Muse are all useful in doing this. Looking at reviews will help you gain insight into the company’s growth opportunities.

No matter what type of growth you are looking for, it’s important to touch on It during an interview. You want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to either accept or decline a job offer. Being able to grow financially, professionally, and personally are all key factors to finding the “right job”.