A good work environment can lead to better work productivity! The way that a group of employees meshes together says a lot about a company. There are many ways to improve workplace camaraderie through team building and bonding activities.


How Important is it?

Some may think that a close-knit work community is nice, but not essential for success. This is a common misconception as a solid sense of camaraderie makes employees happier and more productive! 

Team Bonding is viewed as a key driver of employee engagement! It is one of the biggest factors in long-term retention as well. While it is not easy for every business to retain employees, camaraderie helps! Even the 2018 Paychex Pulse of HR Survey states that 40% of HR administrators believe retaining the best employees is their biggest issue. When camaraderie in the workplace is improved and people enjoy working together, there is more to be achieved.

Set Goals:

The first step in improving your team’s camaraderie is to figure out what exactly you want to achieve or what issue you are trying to address. Is it opening new lines of communication? Is it strengthening employee relationships? Is keeping your workplace culture upbeat and evolving? Whatever it may be, there are specific events to achieve each and it is key to plan them ahead of time and keep them ongoing.

Once you achieve whatever you were looking to achieve, it is sure that employee retention rates will improve. If employees look forward to going to work, enjoy who they work with, and feel a sense of unison, they are much less likely to pick up and leave.

Make it Fun!

Keep staff interested and wanting to spend time together by matching the team building activities to everyone’s interests. Make it inclusive, so everyone can participate, and make sure it is engaging! Long videos and PowerPoints are not the way to go. Even having extra fun employee outings once in a while is a great way to bring people together! Plan a company brunch, a night at a comedy club, bowling evening, or anything else that interests people! Even ask for input to make sure everyone’s opinion is valued!

Final Tips:

Remember, good work environments lead to good work. The way employees mesh will reflect on the company’s success and productivity. Be sure to always look for ways to improve camaraderie in the workplace! Chit-chatter during the day isn’t all that bad either. Employees should be friends with each other and it will make them more likely to enjoy their time at work and be productive. And as a manager, always be approachable You are the authority figure but it is also important to build close relationships with those under you. Every role matters and contributes to one another’s success!