The best way to land a job or acquire clients is to market yourself. Marketing yourself to employers or clients entails highlighting your strengths and valuable skills that would make YOU the best candidate. Continue reading to find out how to stand out amongst the crowd.

Speak the Language:

A resume and cover letter is your first chance to market yourself. Crafting these things to perfection based on the industry is one way to stand out. Industry-specific key-words and terminology will give off the idea that you know what you talking about and are a seasoned professional in the field.

Checking out the LinkedIn of people working with the company your applying for or even just in the same industry can be a good way to see how you match up and what more you should be doing.

Consider Your Contributions:

When trying to position yourself to enter a certain industry or land a certain job, it is key to make sure your portfolio conveys this. Your portfolio consists of resumes, cover letters, work samples, and achievements. This is where you peek at an employer’s interest. Be sure to highlight industry-specific achievements that will make employers want YOU on their team.

This can be done by including bullet points about your accomplishments. Including “My contributions helped our team land the $X million XYZ account” or “Conducted a research project that helped lead to an X% increase in sales” will guarantee that you stand out. And don’t be worried about bragging, this is your one chance to do it! Employers want to hear about all the good you’ve done. Without marketing your greatest achievements and skills, you may be seen as the average candidate and your application may be tossed aside.

Act Like The Expert You Are:

Broadcasting your experience in the field you want to enter is a great way to market yourself to employers. Being an expert in the field should be apart of your personal brand and a blog or podcast can be a great way to do this. Interacting with other respected industry professionals is also an excellent way to position yourself for success in an industry. This can be as simple as commenting on someone’s article or post a couple of times per week.

Even speaking like an expert throughout an interview will get you noticed. Always do your research on the industry and company beforehand and be prepared for whatever may come your way. Acting like an expert is key to marketing yourself to employers!

Don’t Forget The Little Things:

There’s a chance that there will always be someone with an edge over you. That is why it is important to always be marketing yourself.

Even the minor tasks such as spellchecking will make you a better candidate. This is too simple of a task to forget and if your resume is more professional than the next in line, the job will be yours! Including volunteer work can even make a difference as 82% of companies state that they are more likely to hire candidates who volunteer. Relevant pieces of training or certifications for your industry also make you a more viable candidate.

Including these things on your resume or speaking about them is a perfect way to market yourself since not every candidate will be able to say the same. And once again, never be afraid to brag. This is your time to shine and prove that you can make an impact! It is never too soon to market yourself. Make a name for yourself before applying for a job!