Strong employee engagement is not a given in the workplace. Ensuring your employees are happy, heard, and feel valued should be a constant work in progress. This will result in lower absenteeism, lower turnover rate, increased long-term employees, and in turn, develop good company culture. If you are looking to improve your business for 2022, here are some ways to ensure you are improving employee engagement for the new year.

Ensure a Strong Onboarding Process

Review and verify your onboarding process. How updated are the materials? How extensive is the training? Have you taken feedback from previous employees on how they felt their onboarding process was, so you are able to make necessary adjustments?  Given the onboarding process is the first introduction an employee has to generate an idea of what to expect within the company – a strong onboarding experience should be a priority.

Improve Job Efficiency

Are you still using paper files when you could switch to digital? Have you invested in good quality technology for the office? How are your policies and procedures? Working at a company where the resources are anything but efficient can severely affect employee engagement. Take time to review your resources and consider updating or making changes.

Promote Healthy Work Boundaries

When you are looking to cultivate employee engagement, work/balance is another critical aspect. Developing a realistic, and thoughtful work environment will not only assist your employees in having healthy work boundaries but doing so also positively affects their view on how their work fits into their personal life.

Express Employee Value

One of the best ways to ensure an employee feels valued is to show they are valued. If an employee completes a project well, or they displayed a strong effort in a sale (even if it was not successful), or they handled conflict well – express these positives to them. In addition, establish review check-ins, and weekly or monthly meetings to receive and provide feedback from and with the staff.

Emphasize Company Culture

Employees will feel more motivated to be creative, express themselves, and collaborate with others to bring innovative ideas and projects to the table with good company culture. Consider the way in which employees work within the company, are they encouraged to communicate, and enjoy themselves at work? Do they have opportunities to collaborate? Consider planning company events and outings as well to encourage employees to spend time together outside of work.

Develop Career Growth Opportunities

Employees who don’t see further career growth opportunities will have trouble seeing a long-term future at their company. If applicable, consider pay increases, job promotions, improved and increased benefits, and PTO. If you are unable to offer these perks, provide value to your employee where you can, for example mentoring, and additional training can be great benefits as well.

Encourage and Model Open Communication

Lastly but certainly one of the most important aspects of cultivating strong employee engagement is promoting and modeling strong and safe communication. Employees should feel they are heard and can feel comfortable expressing their concerns, or ideas in the workplace.  Cultivating a safe environment for employees to express themselves will allow them to feel heard, and valued.


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