We are on the cusp of the holidays, and one of the busiest times of the year. Today we’ve curated a list of resources, tips, and advice for you to be better prepared this year. Check it out.

3 Ways You’re Letting Work Ruin Your Holidays (and How to Stop)

“Through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, and on to shopping, baking, cooking, and wrapping, there seems to be no time to take a break.” Inevitably, this time of year is one of the busiest. How are you letting your job affect your holidays?

Sample: Holidays and Workout – The Balancing Act

Another factor that comes into play during the holiday season? Food. This is one of the most consumed times of the year. This is where overeating occurs, and health resolutions are set. How do you stay balanced throughout this time to ensure you are enjoying while you’re indulging? Make the most of seasonal activities, consume the right liquids, and make sleep a priority. Find out even more, here.

How to Celebrate Holidays (Inclusively) at Work

“Workplace celebrations are tangible signals of what matters to your organization.” As we become more conscious and intentional of celebrating other cultures in the workplace, holidays arise. How do we be sure we include everyone? Ask, and make a plan. Check it out.

15 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress at Work

If you are a manager or business owner and you experience firsthand how holiday stress can affect employees, this one is for you. As a leader, consider making some adjustments such as being more flexible with schedules or lending a hand to your employees when applicable, providing mental health services, and even simpler – providing a space to listen to them.


How are you preparing for the holidays this year?



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