Job searching can be an enjoyable experience. You are able to get picky with your next endeavor and try something new. However, if it appears your job search has been going on far too long you may need to make some adjustments. Here are some tips.

Your Resume Doesn’t Reflect The Job You’re Looking For

You may have a strong resume, but if it does not reflect the job you are looking for – you’re doing yourself a disservice. Applying to a customer service job? Be sure to emphasize any customer service roles you have had in the past, and include any skills or programs that may complement this position. If you do not have any experience in customer service, highlight skills in other positions you have had that will complement your abilities to successfully perform the job.

Your Resume Needs Some Housekeeping

Maybe your resume has all the information it needs, but it’s not polished. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Paste your resume in a word document and make any corrections as needed. Next, ensure your resume is organized. List your job positions in order from newest to oldest, split your resume up by section, apply fonts accordingly, and add bullet points to list your job responsibilities. This may seem like a small obvious step – but it’s a good reminder. Lastly, choose someone you trust to review your resume (such as a friend or colleague) before applying to any job.

You’re Not Utilizing Your Resources

Relationships and connections are crucial in your job search, therefore reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues first. If you’re being referred by someone within a company you’re applying to, the employer is more likely to review your resume and give you their time. You can also work with a recruiter, and allow them to be your advocate and help you search for the right position. And lastly, apply to jobs with intention. If you are not going to utilize a resource to assist you with your job search, be intentional about the jobs you are applying for to increase your chances of an interview.

You’re Not Searching Strategically

You may be mindlessly scrolling job boards, wondering why you have not found anything substantial-worth applying to. In this case, your search may be too broad. If you feel you are struggling to find positions you are interested in, make some adjustments and target your search. Filter the location, company type, industry, etc. By having a filtered search you not only save time, but you are more likely to find a position that is right for you.


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