We all know diversity and inclusion are necessary for the workplace. But how does it affect the company culture? We’ve compiled a list of ways to improve diversity and inclusivity, how to be a more inclusive colleague, and how to improve inclusion in virtual meetings. Check it out, below.

15 Ways to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

“Aside from being simply the right thing to do”, here are “specific benefits” of diversity and inclusion and some “simple things your company can do to improve it”.

Want A More Inclusive Work Culture? Try These 10 Simple Leadership Strategies

Safe and strong work culture is imperative to a successful business. But how are some ways we can do that? 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members take the time to share one small step you can take as a leader to “create or encourage a more equitable and inclusive work culture”. Learn more, here.

3 Small Ways to Be a More Inclusive Colleague

“Peers have the power to include or exclude other individuals, and the exercise of that power can make a meaningful difference to work performance”. Inclusion doesn’t just start with the leaders. It occurs with colleagues as well. Here are 3 ways to be a more inclusive colleague.

How to Make Virtual Meetings More Inclusive?

Although our meetings have evolved into virtual meetings, the structure, morals, and inclusivity still matter. With remote work, virtual meetings are the only time that staff can connect, collaborate and engage with one another. So how do we ensure these meetings are more inclusive? Find out, here.


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