15 04, 2021

Answering: Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

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Post job interview- you may be asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” and if so, you should always try to reply with a “yes”. This gives you a chance to address any questions you may have regarding the position, the company, etc. You should be prepared and your questions should be relevant and intentional. Here are some examples of questions you can ask following the initial interview. […]

7 05, 2018

3 Wrong Ways to Answer ‘What Is Your Greatest Weakness?’

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When you go to a job interview, you can expect to answer questions about yourself and your qualifications. One of the most feared questions is ‘What is your greatest weakness?’. It can be a challenging question to answer, and it’s easy to slip up and say the wrong thing. Today, we’ll be going over 3 of the most common incorrect answers. Of course, we’ll also describe how you can correctly answer the question! […]

9 11, 2016

Interview Q: Describe Yourself in One Word

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Going into an interview, you can anticipate the purpose of most questions being asked. They are trying to discover if you will be a good fit for the position. They also want to know if you’re a hard worker and a good fit with company culture. However, some questions simply want to discover what kind of person you are. When you are asked to describe yourself in one word, this is what they are trying to uncover. We’ll explain how you should frame your answer after the break. […]

26 10, 2016

Interview Q: What Motivates You?

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This question can throw off almost any candidate in an interview if they’re not prepared. It’s incredibly broad, and you can only truly effectively answer it if you know why it’s being asked. Thankfully, we’re here to help! We’ll cover why it benefits a company to ask this question, and how you should answer, after the break. […]

28 09, 2016

Interview Q: What Do You Expect From a Supervisor?

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One of the most influential factors in a job is your immediate supervisor. They affect what, when, and how you do your work. Finding a good fit between you and a manager can greatly help or hurt workplace efficiency. It stands to reason that this is something that will be addressed in a job interview. This question is how companies look for a synergistic fit between manager and employee. We’ll help you answer this question today. […]

17 08, 2016

Interview Q: How Long Will It Take You to Make a Contribution?

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If you work in business, or almost any other profession, you’ve likely heard of ROI. Many companies depend on measuring it internally to determine success. It can also be used in terms of whether a new hire was successful. Companies want to know how long after hiring someone can they expect to see a return on investment. Signing a salaried contract is no small decision, and companies want to judge how long it will take for you to make a change. This is why the ask: “How long will it take for you to make a significant contribution?” We’ll discuss giving a proper answer. [...]

20 07, 2016

Interview Q: When Have You Faced Conflict at Work?

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‘When is a time you’ve faced conflict at work?’. There are a variety of forms in which this question will be asked. You may be asked to discuss a specific incident in your work history, or respond to a rhetorical question. What the interviewer is really trying to figure out is whether or not you deal with conflict well. It’s important to approach this question with a specific mindset, like most interview questions.  […]

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