Are you a strong problem-solver? How can you tell? Do you handle situations with finding solutions? Or do you panic and stop all action? Here are some tips on how to better handle them. Check it out!

Be Patient

When an issue arises, it’s easy to become negative, panic, or overreact. However, these emotions and reactions only magnify the issue. Take a minute to assess your behavior, the situation, and then proceed. Patience is critical for problem-solving here.

Define the Problem

Next, define the problem. What has occurred? Remember, having a growth mindset, instead of a fixed mindset – will help you better handle issues. The situation is temporary, and you have the opportunity to solve it. Whether it’s the first, second, third, or fourth solution you try. There is always another option, and there is always another way.

Evaluate & Devise a Plan

What is being affected? How long has this/will this occur? How can you solve the situation at hand? What actions need to be taken? Take time to determine a few different options in reaching a solution. Then go with the best solution to your knowledge for solving the problem. How will you execute the solution? Do you need to delegate tasks? Is it a one-person fix? Determine all factors, and act accordingly.

Take Action

Once you develop a plan for fixing the issue, do it! Avoid wasting time thinking, panicking, or wondering what will happen – go with your solution and take action! The sooner you do, the smaller the problem becomes.


If the plan solved the issue, great! Avoid spending time dwelling. The problem is fixed, and now you know how to handle this situation next time. If the issue is still present, go for the next backup option! Be a helper, not a hurter.