Employers of all sizes are implementing new office and employment perks to attract top talent and help with the transition back to the office post-pandemic. Whether it be an office design that accommodates social distancing, resources to help with stress and anxiety, or social areas, there are so many ways to up your office! This will not only make employees feel safe and happy but also attract new talent and give your company a competitive edge in hiring.

Office Pods & Social Distancing

People at risk for COVID-19 will not return to work unless they feel safe. One way to ensure this is office pods. Office Pods are updated chic cubicles. With glass walls and doors, they allow for proper social distancing without making employees feel like they are in a box! Ensuring proper signage throughout the office regarding mask-wearing and social distancing will also ensure potential hires that the company is COVID safe.

Dynamic Design

Tan walls with Grey carpeting is just not the way to go anymore, especially with GenZ and Millennials in the workplace. Fun, Dynamic workspaces will attract new and upcoming talent within the job market. Having areas with fun designs, abstract interior, chalkboard walls, and unique furniture are just some ways to start! Having an aesthetically pleasing office is just as important as getting work done. Not to mention, having a creative office will prompt more exposure as people are always photographing aesthetically pleasing sights! When employees get to work at a fun place, they are more likely to enjoy it!

Relaxation Areas

Battling stress and anxiety is common in the workplace, especially with all that is going on in the world today. Having a break room is one thing, but offering additional spaces that employees can go to decompress when they are feeling overwhelmed will be a huge plus for potential hires. Not only does this show high consideration for mental health and wellness, but proves that you care about your employees! This is something everyone wants to see when looking to join a team.

Social Spaces

Similar to having relaxation areas, providing socialization spaces and areas where employees can interact or have fun with one another is another great office perk. Some companies go all out with this, but even just having a Tv, game console, and some comfy furniture will give employees a space to let loose. Some more extravagant ideas include foosball and pool tables, board games, puzzles, ping pong, etc. Socialization spaces are not only appealing to new hires but also help employees bond and connect more. Similarly, team bonding can be a nice way to bring your staff closer and prove that the company embodies a tight-knit atmosphere. If you’re looking for ideas on team bonding at work, check out our blog about it here!!

Loan Aid

With recent college graduates entering the job marketing all the time, it is important to keep their wants and needs in mind. A big concern, especially after a year of living through the pandemic, struggling financially, and entering an unusual job market, this group is focused on getting help repaying their student loans or going back to school. Many companies have jumped on this demand and now offer programs that pay off a percent of loans or aids in employees going back to school for another degree. This type of perk also helps retain employees, along with many others. To get a more in depth look at benefits and employee retainment, check out What Makes a Job Desirable

Work is back in action, but the pandemic remains. So if you’re looking for ways to make your office COVID-friendly while attracting new talent, try one of these ideas out! They are sure to help your company stand out.