If you’re looking to conduct a long-distance job search, you’ll want to be prepared before you begin. Is there a specific city you are interested in moving to? Are you flexible with the location? Have you researched the area to determine what your financial situation will be? Is there a specific timeframe you would like to relocate? We’ve compiled a list to help!

How to Do a Long-Distance Job Search

When you decide to conduct a long-distance job search, what exactly should you focus on? What do you take into consideration? For starters, take some time to look at the job market, focus on networking, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep reading, here.

7 Tips for Conducting A Long-Distance Job Search 

If you’re more of a visual learner, here are some videos explaining tips on conducting your long-distance job search. Such as picking a location and a date, and advice on the process. Watch here!

5 People Who Conquered the Long-Distance Job Search

If you’re more looking for advice from people who have successfully mastered the long-distance job search – here are 5 people who have done just that. From customer service associates, software developers, and marketing managers – find out their story and how they made it happen.

10 Tips for Finding a Job in a New City

Looking for a new job in a new city is more than just deciding you want to relocate. You must consider factors such as your finances, “Can you afford to go without a paycheck, pay for health insurance, and cover relocation expenses?” As well as what type of job you’re looking for. Find out, here.

Long-Distance Job Search Dos and Don’ts

With every blog that lists advice on what to do, we must counter with a blog that shares what not to do – as it provides just as much insight on what to avoid. Such as winging it, showing up unannounced, or expecting a relocation package. Check it out!