Over the past year and a half, COVID-19 has undeniably had an impact on our mental health. The topic of mental health is being discussed more openly and acknowledged more freely. If you feel your mental health has been struggling lately, here are some tips to help.

Make Adjustments To Your Work Environment (Physical and Digital)

Oftentimes when we are neglecting our mental health, the space around us can be affected as well. Take some time to make adjustments to your environment. How is your desk space, your cabinets, your drawers? Throw away anything that can be disposed of, empty your garbage can and take time to organize your computer as well. Trash unused items, clear out your desktop, go through your emails and tidy your space to give yourself a fresh start.

Limit Your To-Do List

By limiting your to-do list you are giving yourself permission to take a break. Allow yourself time to relax, consider self-care, and respectfully, do nothing. Say no to whatever is taking up the time that doesn’t serve you, and use this as a chance to reconnect with yourself.

Get Active

Physical activity can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your mental health. Doing as little as walking every day can aid in relieving stress, help you sleep better, and boost your endorphins which in turn improves your mood and helps you feel that you accomplished something for yourself. Start small, 20 minutes for the day.

Assess Your Habits

Are you consuming more television than normal, or losing time scrolling social media on your phone? Are you bombarded with notifications, texts, calls all day? Assess your daily habits and create some boundaries for yourself. Limit your screen time, turn off your notifications, and set hours of when you will be checking your phone.

Connect with Your Circle

Maintaining relationships with the people in your circle can considerably improve your mental health. Seclusion can be a primary reaction. However, reaching out and surrounding yourself with family and friends can increase your mood, encourage you to appreciate those around you and aid in improving your outlook.



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