22 02, 2019

Link Roundup: Company Culture, Diversity and Modernizing Your Biz

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In this week’s round of blogs, we’re covering company culture, diversity in the workplace and how to modernize your company technology. All things that affect the success of a business and keep it running smoothly and effectively. To dive in, check them out below! […]

27 07, 2018

Link Roundup: How to Become a Better Leader

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Leading a team is a big responsibility and can be nerve-racking when you’ve never assumed a leadership role before. Even if you are comfortable managing, delegating, and working alongside a team, there are always opportunities to enhance those skills. This week’s roundup includes tips, current trends, and helpful information to help you become a better leader! […]

14 09, 2016

Interview Q: Do You Prefer Working Alone or on a Team?

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We all work in incredibly different ways. Some people have sticky notes posted everywhere around their desk. Others have a to-do list that they proudly check off each day. This also applies to whether you prefer to work alone or as a team member. This is something that can affect your job performance, so some companies will ask applicants during their interview process about it. It’s a question that can catch you off guard, especially if you fall into the ‘easy answer’ trap. We’ll talk about avoiding this misstep below. […]