One of the best times to enter the job market, contrary to popular belief is around the holidays. While many do not believe this is true due to the high demand for seasonal workers, job boards are typically full of postings for positions that extend past the holiday season.

The New Year is Right Around The Corner

The biggest reason that job searching during the holidays is highly recommended is because companies need to be fully staffed and ready to go when the new year starts. Even in times when a company is not in dire need to fill a position, HR managers are still on the hunt for qualified candidates. Browsing LinkedIn and job boards, as well as submitted resumes and scheduling interviews never ends. It is a year-round process that may peak for some companies right before the new year. Surprisingly enough, many companies leave room in their budget for end-of-year hiring.

People are Busy; Competition May be Slim

Another pro, besides the willingness of companies to onboard new employees at this time of the year, is the lack of competition. Many people are preoccupied with holiday shopping, cooking, vacationing, and family time. Take advantage of this by checking job boards every day for new postings. Use any extra downtime to get ahead and apply to those jobs that others aren’t even aware of!

Network, Network, Network!

Extra downtime during the holidays may also be used to get ahead on networking. Sending some holiday cards, reaching out to a former colleague, or updating your LinkedIn are all great ways to give yourself a boost while job hunting during the holidays. There also tends to be job-fair and networking events around this time of year in general, so taking the time to attend such events will also give you an extra edge.

Gain Experience

While there are companies that do hire mostly temporary positions at this time of the year, this can still benefit you. Getting your foot in the door with a temporary position at a top company could help you gain experience and potentially move up the ladder even if the position is short lived. Any experience counts and you may even gain a new recommendation!


Holiday job searching is by no means pointless. It is one of the best times to do so. Taking advantage of this time to get extra experience, update your resume, and network will pay off in the long run. You may come across opportunities that you would not at any other time of the year.