18 10, 2019

Link Roundup: How to Stand out At Work Events

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Work events can be super beneficial for the company, and for you as an employee for various reasons. First being that it helps expand your own personal network. You meet new people; you build relationships and you get your name out there. Second, it benefits the company by bringing in more business or adding contacts to the company’s network. And lastly, the more you attend, the more comfortable you become for each event. Today we’re covering how to stand out, what questions to ask, and the things to avoid when attending events, here. […]

19 04, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Company Events

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The clock strikes 5 o’clock, which means it’s time for you to go home! However, there is a company event going on after work! Should you go? Absolutely! Company events are a great way to find more enjoyment in your job, and also benefit your career. It may be tempting to turn down any after-hours functions, but they typically are very rewarding, and can have a positive impact on your career life and your work environment. Why you ask? We’ll explain the benefits below. […]

26 06, 2013

Get to know the Walrath Team

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L – R: Meghan Sullivan, Stephanie Snyder, Renee Walrath, Deanna Socaris, and Riana Millington Renee Walrath, President of Walrath Recruiting, frequently describes her staff as smart, talented and genuine. We’re happy to fit that bill, and feel it’s a real privilege to be a part of a great company and team. We enjoy being in the competitive recruiting industry, we constantly strive to set new standards and move forward everyday, and we love our coffee and chocolate. […]

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