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5 02, 2020

How to Share Career Accomplishments On Your Resume

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Throughout your career, you’ll develop skills, overcome obstacles and obtain achievements that will demonstrate your value as an employee. Although this may not necessarily fall under “job responsibilities” you should still include these accomplishments on your resume. Here’s how to do so. […]

3 05, 2019

Link Roundup: What is a Recruiter? (And All the Things)

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Ever wonder what a recruiter is and how you can work with one to assist you with your job search? What are the benefits? What do they do? How does it work? To piggyback on our blog from Monday we’re sharing even MORE info to educate you on what recruiting is and how you can utilize them with your search, here. […]

22 04, 2019

Why It’s Necessary to Have a Job Search Plan

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When you begin your job hunt, starting is usually the hardest part. Getting the ball rolling and the momentum going, takes the most effort. So, it's incredibly important to have a plan. When you have a plan laid out it becomes a lot easier to keep track of what you're looking for. Find out how to create a plan and why you should have one at all,  below. Why Are you Looking for a New Job? Are you wanting to find a new job because you want more pay? To find a job closer to home? Or are you looking [...]

13 03, 2019

9 Ways to Stress Less at Work

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While positive stress can be a motivating force, certain causes of stress can actually damage work quality and work ethic. Not to mention stress in the workplace is more common than you’d think. To help, we’re highlighting some of the top work stressors and a simple solution to each one, below. Check it out! […]

21 02, 2018

The Best Way to Ask for a Job

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Wouldn’t it be nice if it was as simple as asking someone for a job, and then sitting down for an interview? It would certainly be much easier than submitting a resume to a dozen different companies, and then waiting to hear back. Unfortunately, that’s not how the hiring process works. Thankfully, there is a way around that- if you play your cards right. We’ll explain the best way to ask someone for a job, and how you can make it work for you. Read on! […]

30 06, 2017

Link Roundup 6/30/17: Mastering Career Conversations

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Sitting down with a friend to talk about the latest movie or a great book is easy. The conversation flows from topic to topic, and time flies by. Why is it then, that conversations about our careers can be so difficult? Typically there is a lot on the line, and every second ticks by slowly. It’s easy to get stressed out or nervous, but keeping your cool is crucial. This week, we have some links that can help you with those conversation nerves, in addition to other helpful advice. Check out the links below! […]

22 03, 2017

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before an Interview

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Before interviewing, job seekers commonly consider the position from the company’s perspective. It is incredibly helpful to look at the job from this viewpoint. It helps to get you into right mindset to market yourself as a candidate. However, thinking about a new position from a more personal standpoint is always necessary. Considering that you may be committing 40+ hours of your week to this job, it’s not selfish to consider it from where you stand. The questions listed below will make sure you get what you want out of a new job. They also will help you answer questions better, [...]

16 11, 2016

Interview Q: What Can You Contribute to This Company?

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Certain interview questions are designed to find out more about the kind of employee you are. Other questions put you on the spot and ask you to back up your qualifications. This question falls into the latter category. This question is blunt, and you will need to backup your answer about how you will contribute to make it valid. We’ll help you do that after the break. […]

4 11, 2016

Link Roundup 11/4/16: Talking Political at Work

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We’re only a few days away from election day, and it’s almost impossible to avoid political conversations at work. This week one of our links will help you talk politics without damaging your work relationships. We’re also sharing an article about what qualities every job seeker should have. However, that’s enough of me talking about it, read on to see the links for yourself! […]

24 10, 2016

10 of the Best Career Advice Blogs (Besides This One)

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We love providing quality career and job search advice to all of our readers. However, we know it can be tiresome to read content from the same site over and over. To ensure you get all the advice you need, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite blogs about career advice. Furthermore, all we ask is that you don’t forget about us! […]