26 05, 2023

No Call No Show = Missed Opportunities

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Honestly one of the worst things you can do in your work life is a “No Call, No Show (NCNS).” This could apply to an interview, a phone call, or a scheduled shift, and it essentially means that you do not show up without notice or a reason given. This is not a good habit to get into so if you have found yourself committing this act, stop. It’s a slippery slope and like we’ve said before you never know where life will take you. You may think simply not showing up to the interview is no big deal and [...]

24 05, 2023

Job Hopping Could Hinder Long-Term Career Growth

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‘Job Hopping’ is defined as an individual who has held multiple job titles at multiple different companies in a short period of time. In 2023, inflation has caused over 90% of employees to seek alternate employment, in search of a compensatory salary. A potential employer may be less inclined to offer you an interview, let alone a job if your resume indicates ‘job hopper’. To remedy this, recent job postings are demanding candidates have no more than 3 jobs in the last 10 years. Is a higher salary in the interim worth potentially damaging your long-term career growth? [...]

19 05, 2023

Is Unlimited PTO Too Good to Be True?

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The phrase, “unlimited PTO,” is probably accompanied by an exciting feeling in your belly and a smile ear-to-ear. Now you can go on both family vacations, attend your friend’s bachelorette week in Nashville, and still have extra time to extend your holiday breaks with no remorse, right? Not exactly. Some things sound too good to be true for a reason, and if you have to ask, “What’s the catch?” there’s probably a good reason why. In this blog, we will uncover some of the “cons” to consider as both an employee and an employer when talking about unlimited PTO. [...]

12 05, 2023

Are You Doing Your Research?

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Prior to interviewing for an open role one way to gain the upper hand over your competitors is to research the company. It will allow you to offer insightful questions, uncover company culture and familiarize yourself with your interviewer(s). Your interviewer will be attentive to your knowledge and excitement about working with the company and a lack thereof can be mistaken for uninterest and ill-preparedness. In this blog, you will uncover exactly how and why we recommend researching a company. […]

20 04, 2023

Navigating Job Rejection

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A recent Forbes report concluded that of the average 118 people that apply for any given job, only 24 people will advance to the interview stage of the process. Of those 24 candidates, only one will ultimately be selected to fill the open role, leaving over 100 candidates amid job rejection (roughly 90 of which with no feedback for why they’re not being considered). In this blog, you will find a list of ways to navigate job rejection from application to post-interview keeping you on a path toward success. […]

18 04, 2023

Tips Toward Financial Stability

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The 2022 TIAA Financial Wellness Survey showed that only 22% of people ages 18+ gave themselves a high score of financial wellness. That means that over 70% of people are not confident in their financial status, and in a world of high gas prices and increasing grocery costs saving money can seem like an impossible task. Improving your financial status does not happen overnight and it is never too late to start. It requires baby steps and an abundance of patience, but comfort in your finances is well worth it.  We have compiled a list of ways to get you [...]

13 04, 2023

References – The Final Exam

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High-profile tech companies, like Amazon and Microsoft, continue with sweeping layoffs bringing the 2023 1st quarter total to more than 160,000 employees left jobless (as compared to 164,000 in 2022). Mass layoffs are leaving thousands of candidates vying for the few available job openings and it is more imperative than ever that they set themselves apart from their competitors. Aside from a fruitful background and education, having an adequate and reliable reference list can give you the boost you need. […]

30 03, 2023

Burnout – Before You Think ‘It Won’t Happen to Me’

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What is “Burnout?” Burnout is defined as “a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.” Despite popular belief, burnout does not derive from mental illness, rather, it comes from prolonged work-related stress. Nobody is exempt from experiencing burnout and proper measures should be taken to prevent and/or reconcile. […]

24 03, 2023

Not Having This Quality Could Deter Growth Opportunities

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One of the best qualities you can have at work or in general is being ‘trainable’. As simple as it sounds, it’s not a concept that is always easily grasped. Being trainable extends from the ability to learn new information being taught to you as well as understanding culture and the people who define it. Your receptiveness to new information can greatly make or break your success in a new role and It is something you will want to be attentive to. It is an entirely teachable quality and it is something worth pursuing if not already in possession. [...]

22 03, 2023

4 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent

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If you are qualified for this position, please apply using our secure online form. The U.S. labor market recorded a shockingly strong January, adding over 500,000 jobs, bringing unemployment to 3.4%. It’s now more imperative than ever to give viable candidates a reason to choose you over your competitors. What exactly sets you apart? There is a noticeable change in the dedication of candidates to find their perfect job fit whether that takes weeks or months. A simple pay increase, though still greatly appreciated, will no longer be the deciding factor between offers. There are [...]

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