Effective Multi-tasking

How to Survive the '9-5'
In most industries, multi-tasking is viewed as a must-have skill.  In situations where 2+ tasks at hand pertain to the betterment of the business or organization, multi-tasking can be effective. If the tasks involve personal devices or to-do's - smartphones and smartpads, online activity for personal business, etc. - the ending result of actual work-related duties can be lower in quality. Even juggling two or more tasks that are 100% work related can, at times, deplete overall quality once finished. (more…)
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On Growth, Opportunities, and Recruiters

All About Recruiters, General Job Search Advice
Though there's generally a negative viewpoint toward economic job growth in the Capital Region, we're adding an overwhelming amount of mid-to-senior level positions to our job bank and have increased staff by 50% in the past calendar year.  Managers of small, medium and large-sized organizations are looking for candidates to fill great openings, and we are adding additional recruiters to our team every few months to serve our clients quickly and efficiently. If you're on the market, it's time to take action. (more…)
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5 Resume Changes That Will Draw in Recruiters

Resumes & Cover Letters
Based off of what we commonly see during resume rewriting consultations, here are five things you can do to increase your resume's overall appeal: 1. Avoid paragraphs. Keep the formatting of your resume basic and streamlined by using the simplest of bullet points - either a small, filled in circle/dot or small square - to break down skills, accomplishments and other important details in a concise summary. With an influx of resumes arriving in HR departments daily, recruiters tend to simplyskim the document for key words and phrases. Avoid formatting any part of your resume in paragraph form, and use valuable key words that specifically pertain to the job description and your skill set, as opposed to fluffy and overused descriptive words. 2. Complete your own spell check in addition to running Microsoft Word's spell check tool. The…
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Get to know the Walrath Team

All About Recruiters, Behind the Scenes
[caption id="attachment_180" align="alignright" width="300"] L - R: Meghan Sullivan, Stephanie Snyder, Renee Walrath, Deanna Socaris, and Riana Millington[/caption] Renee Walrath, President of Walrath Recruiting, frequently describes her staff as smart, talented and genuine. We're happy to fit that bill, and feel it's a real privilege to be a part of a great company and team. We enjoy being in the competitive recruiting industry, we constantly strive to set new standards and move forward everyday, and we love our coffee and chocolate. (more…)
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Announcing our Second Office Location in Saratoga Springs

Behind the Scenes
In an effort to better provide convenient services to our candidates and clients in the northern Capital Region, we are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of our second office location at 511 Broadway in Saratoga Springs! Walrath Recruiting - Saratoga is now scheduling appointments for the area's top professionals who are exploring the job market.  We look forward to better serving you, whether from our Albany or Saratoga Springs location! 'See you in Saratoga!' (more…)
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Social Media Tips to Use While on the Market

General Job Search Advice
Social media is a great tool to utilize when building your personal brand.  Using various platforms can keep you connected with what's happening locally, as well as nationally, in your specific field/industry. By understanding the basics of Twitter and LinkedIn, you'll also have access to potential job opportunities that you would normally miss out on. In short, using social media while on the job market has numerous advantages. (more…)
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When a Recruiter Calls

All About Recruiters
When using a recruiting agency during the job seeking process, it's important to provide accurate and up-to-date information on a regular basis.  It's also important to be aware of this when uploading resumes and cover letters to online resume banks such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder. As long as a job applicant is registered with a recruiting agency, he or she may be contacted at any time regarding a potential job opportunity. Methods of contact may vary, depending on the information a job seeker provides within his/her cover letter or resume. The preferred method of contact for the majority of recruiters is by phone and/or email, though a phone call most often made first. (more…)
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Productivity at the Office vs. at Home

General Job Search Advice, How to Survive the '9-5'
I've never held a position in which I completed all job responsibilities from home.  Sure, I've spent a day off working from home here and there, as I was waiting for the cable company or some other outside factor that prevented me from physically being at the office.  On those days, I focused rather well and completed all tasks that I needed. The setback for me was simply missing out on general office/business conversations, new ideas, and other discussions that took place among co-workers. I felt out of the loop while being at home, even though I was connected via phone and email. Then again, I quickly finished every task as I sat in my empty, quiet house. (more…)
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