Our staffing services can be just what your business needs when searching for qualified individuals to fill your open roles. Increasing employee demands that cannot always be accommodated by their employer creates a problem. Recent studies show ‘The Great Resignation’ is quickly becoming ‘The Great Regret’ as 80% of participants regret their decision to leave. In fact, many workers report returning to their previous employer, requesting their position back. How will employers mitigate their (likely) hasty resignation and consider rehiring versus incoming qualified candidates? The assistance of a recruiter can be of immense satisfaction in keeping the hiring process as short and succinct as possible.

Receiving little to no candidate applications

If you have your job posted and you’re not receiving the volume of applications you anticipated, there could be a reason why. Your job description may need fine-tuning, or maybe you don’t have your job posted on the right job boards. Simply having your job posted on your company website is not enough. Our recruiting firm has a database containing over 4,000 qualified candidates that could be qualified to fill your open roles. In addition, you will receive access to job postings on our high-volume media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster, and Twitter.


Hosting interview after failed interview

Your interview/screening process has likely gone stale. Though an interview should help better determine a candidate’s eligibility for your open roles, the candidate likely has multiple job offers and is trying to determine their best fit. When utilizing our staffing services, you gain access to qualified candidates who have been pre-screened and selected explicitly for your open role(s). In addition, we offer background and reference checks upon request.


New hires leaving within 90 days of being hired

Studies show that almost 30% of job applicants report having quit a job within 90 days of being hired.  Sometimes, this is because though the candidate was qualified technically, they may not have been a good fit culturally. We strive to know our candidates on both a personal and professional level which allows us insight into the environment in which they would thrive. You may also want to consider hiring candidates on a contract-to-hire basis rather than permanent. This will allow you to get a feel for the candidate for 90 days with no obligation to hire them after.


Losing employees due to increasing demands

In this case, were likely not referring to entry-level candidates. There could be employees who have held a position in your company for the last 10+ years who resigned without warning. Our firm offers an executive search service and we have successfully placed qualified candidates in roles including CEO, COO, CFO, and more.


Expecting significant growth

you are expecting significant growth in your company, it may be time to hire a recruiter. Whether you’re expanding to an additional location or experiencing an influx in business additional assistance is needed. Our company specializes in placements ranging from direct hire, contract (both long- and short-term), and contract-to-hire roles to accommodate all your staffing needs.


For more information on our services, please contact (518) 275-4816 or email us at jobs@walrathrecruiting.com.